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About Tie Chilly

The Tie Chilly brand has it's origins way back in 2008. The health benefits of body cooling, especially for people with neurological conditions and sufferers of menopausal hot flushes, has been well documented. Tie Chilly's initial evaporative style neck cooler, similar to many seen in today's congested marketplace, was effective and a good all round solution.

In 2010 the concept was enhanced with the advent of the Smartice cooling strip technology, a dry and flexible frozen ice substitute. This was a major leap forward for neck coolers and a new sleeve was developed to hold the cooling strip in place around the neck. With magnetic fastening for safety this neck cooler found it's way around the world and is the Australian Tennis Open's product of choice for their ball boys during the summer competition.

In 2018 through its Cool Communities support program, Tie Chilly donated product to MSWA for local people living with Multiple Sclerosis to help make their lives more comfortable during the warmer months. This was the first stage in an annual program to help those in need.

2019 saw yet another upgrade in fabric and design, this neck cooler is one of the most effective and economical on the market. The year also saw the release of the Souvenir range promoting local or national regions.

Tie Chilly is available in USA, Australia, UK and 6 European countries through Amazon.